What is wrong with people? Seriously? When I read Daryl’s comment to my post on Waggin Train’s FB page it left me speechless and disgusted. I realize you shouldn’t feed the trolls, but O…M…G…I saw red. Hours later I still can barely put together a coherent statement. My faith in humanity is being chiseled away little by little more and more each day. What possesses someone to make a comment like that? Is it because they’re safely hidden behind a computer screen?

It’s like Jackson Galaxy’s FB post about that cat who attacked it’s owners and trapped them in a bedroom (good for the cat, BTW, it needs new owners). In the comments someone stated that they would have killed the cat. Really? Any true cat lover sees it wasn’t the cat’s fault. The baby pulled it’s tail, it scratched the baby. The big bad man then kicked the cat. The cat snapped…GOOD FOR THE CAT! If you’re not a cat lover or don’t like cats why the hell do you follow Jackson Galaxy’s FB?! I just don’t get it.

Do you seriously have nothing else better to than to just go out of your way to post obnoxious comments? Is your life truly that pathetic? Do parents not teach common human decency anymore? Empathy? Ugh…the world is going to hell in a hand basket….